Pakistan’s role cannot be ignored in the recent drone attack in Jammu

New Delhi, India: Regarding the latest drone attack in Jammu Ari Force the role of Pakistan cannot be ignored. Reddy said, “Pakistan is dropping AK-47s and drugs inside the border at night time through drones. We have a long border, despite the fact that our security forces have stopped many drones from entering the Indian side of the border. Whatever drone sees inside of our country land has been destroyed. Our forces will continue doing this work vigorously in the coming days.”
“Investigation is underway and the security forces are on high alert, but one cannot deny the role of Pakistan,” he added.

MoS Home further added, on the Jammu IAF station attack, “The security forces are discussing the matter at a high level, and some decisions have been taken. As for the drone issue is concerned, the security forces will act properly.”

Reddy said, “There is complete peace in Jammu and Kashmir except for the sponsored violence from Pakistan. The investigation is underway.”

Stating that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are in favour of development, Reddy said, “Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the development program that was scheduled to be done across the country and the world was interrupted. Yet, the government of the Union Territory and the administration have done good work on the subject of development. Once the Covid cases decrease, we will focus on the speed of the development as per the expectations of the people of the J-K.”

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