Line of Control: Things getting better, Zero infiltration in the last 6 months

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India: Chinar Corps Commander Lieutenant General DP Pandey said, in last six months in the Line of Control, there is no infiltration in the area.


“In the last 6 months, there has been zero infiltration. I can assure you that whatever will happen on Line of Control (LoC) will be neutralised on LoC itself,” he said while speaking to ANI at the passing out-cum-attestation parade held at the Bana Singh Parade Ground of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JAK LI) Regimental Centre.

He further stressed that even though the number of terrorists infiltrating the border has reduced, it does not mean that the security situation has improved.

“The reducing numbers in terror attacks does not signify that the security condition has improved until we target the operating nexus of the terrorists. It is a continuous effort of several years to break the network of the terrorists,” he said.

The Lt Gen had earlier informed that there are around 200 active terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir and hoped that the security forces will be able to eliminate most of them by the end of this year.

Lt Gen DP Pandey while speaking to the media personnel here said, “There are around 200 terrorists in the Valley. I hope we will reduce the number by the end of the year.”

“Ceasefire happens only because of the requirement to ensure that our people along the Line of Control (LoC) remain peaceful. Whenever a ceasefire violation happened along the LoC, people used to suffer. People used to be the main target during the ceasefire violation,” the Lt Gen said.

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